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Hi, I am Joris,

Front-end UI developer from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I specialize in responsive Web design and styleguides. I am a performance, progressive enhancement and accessibility advocate. I write clean, readable and scalable code to create beautiful online experiences for all users.

My current employer is iO, a digital agency in the Netherlands, where I work with clients like HAS Green Academy, Sazas and IBN. Before, I worked with Vesteda, Van Lanschot, Dunea, Vitens and Evides. Before iO I worked at digital agency Partout d.n.a., for clients like Koopmans, Dr. Oetker, Weleda and Longfonds.

I have a background in arts, graphic design, audiovisual design, animation, marketing, communication. I studied audiovisual design at St. Joost Academy in Breda, Communication and Design at SintLucas in Boxtel, and Interactive Media at Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Follow me on Mastodon: @Portfolioris, find me on LinkedIn, or find me on GitHub.


  • Styleguides
  • Responsive design
  • Accessibility
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Pattern-Lab and Storybook
  • Gulp, Webpack
  • Agile, Scrum, Git

I love

  • The Web
  • My wife, my kids and my friends
  • Taking care of the environment