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Bye SvelteKit, hello Astro

Choosing a more appropriate framework for a website

I just completed refactoring this website from SvelteKit to Astro. Reading the docs on Why Astro immediately convinced me it's way more appropriate for a website than a full SPA framework.

Still using NetlifyCMS

I still use NetlifyCMS as a CMS. Nothing has changed about the structure of the CMS: the way the front-end framework extracts the content is almost exactly the same. Astro has nice built-in features for reading a bunch of Markdown files.

Still using Svelte components

The most astonishing thing is that I didn't need to refactor any of my Svelte components for the actual HTML. Except for what goes into the <head>, it's all completely reused and untouched. There is not much interactivity going on, except for the navigation menu on small screens. So that's the only JavaScript needed for the site.

One catch-all route/page

URLs are generated from file paths and names. This is a lot easier in Astro than SvelteKit. In SvelteKit, I had to glob this manually. Astro has built-in support.